Industry Gates

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  • Door leaf sections made of thermally separated ALU profiles

  • UV-protection

  • Wicked door possibile

  • Good insulation

  • Shadow-free room illumination

  • Flexible design options

Sectional gate SunLine 44

  • Smooth running

  • Long lifetime

  • Made to measure

  • Attractive design

Rolling grills

  • High-quality Gates

  • Ex-prevention possible

  • Available as sectional, lifting and roller gate

  • Sound protection possible

  • Customised gates

Plant-protection gate

  • Customized design

  • Space-saving construction

  • Large vehicle opening and multi-person passage

  • SHE air intake function

  • Several escape doors possible

  • Sound proofing or burglary protection possible

Fairy gates

  • Heat resistant up to 180°C

  • Use as system gate possible

  • High quality

Heat-resistant gates

  • Heat resistant up to 150°C

  • Use as system gate possible

  • Installation in vehicles

Heat-resistant sectional gates

  • UV protection

  • Wind load class 4 tested

  • Shadow-free room illumination

  • Good isolation

Sektional gate SunLine 80

  • Particularly high light incidence

  • Glazing without rungs

  • Individual equipment

Hingeless sectional gate ProLux

  • 10.000 x 8.000 mm

  • Excellent insulation

  • Ideal for large dimensions

  • Highly insulating sectional door possible

Standard sectional gate TP Iso

  • Especially high light incidence

  • Customer-specific filling & planking

  • 60 mm high insulating gate possible

Standard sectional gate TP Lux

  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • Energy-saving

  • 1.0 m/s Opening speed

Fast mode sectional gate

  • Flush with the facade

  • Individual design

  • Different materials possible

  • Counter closure possible

  • Ventilated planking

Planked sectional door

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