Planked sectional door


A whole new technology was included in our patent-registered gate system. The hingeless sectional door doesn't need any attached fitting parts for the connection of single sections syndetically.

The advantage of this innovative construction is the pivoting flap placed on the front-side that catches the roll axis from section to section. The upper- and lower profiles consisting of aluminium are designed that they interlock and guarantee a high stability of the gate leaf.

Another important factor is the internal and external 'finger trapping protection', which is enabled with its special form. An all around contact protection device consists of an upright-placed safeguard that grabs the steel cable, the cable conduit and the supply for the electrical units. The distracting helix cable leaves out.

Flush with the facade
Individual design
Different materials possible
Ventilated planking

Product description

Gate leaf

The door leaf consist of a aluminium bar construction. The construction is covered with individual plankings and is decorated to create an optically high-quality appearance of the door according to facade. The door leaf can also be prepared for a planking on site.

Upon request, the doors can be manufactured in such a way to ensure a nearly the same appearance of the facade.

Planked sectional doors are executed in hingeless construction up to a width of 6,000 mm. The extraordinary feature of the hingeless sectional door is the completely flush door leaf on the in- and outside, since no fittings are necessary  for the connection of the sections with each other.

There are no fitted lateral hinges, middle hinges, floor or toproll brackets on the door leaf. Only at a width exceeding 3,500 mm small load-relieving bands are mounted on the inside of the door leaf in order to maintain the distance between the sections during redirection.

The castors are inserted in the front side of the sections and are not visible in mounted condition.


The planked door can be fitted with a postern door. The threshold height is approx. 145 mm. Upon request the postern door can be fitted with a low threshold of 27 mm. The configuration of the door can take place individually. The door leaf is executed with fitted hinges for integrated postern doors. The postern door is executed including door closer and door handles.

Furthermore we manufacture side doors and fixed fields, available in the same designs as the door leaf and the facade.


Jansen enables door sections with plankings of various materials.

The outside of the door can be executed e. g. with a rustic-classic wood planking, planking with fibre cement slabs for timeless elegance or a massive and long-lasting planking out of metal, aluminium, trespa or eternit.

Upon request the inside can be planked with corrosion resistant steel.


Operation is manual via a reel chain or with electric drive. Individually adapted springs above the lintel guarantee a balanced gate travel. For larger gates, for gates with frequent cycles or higher speeds, an electric drive without spring compensation is recommended. This advantageous drive technology is very easy to maintain and guarantees a long service life. Also possible as a high-speed sectional door equipped with a springless shaft drive. The opening speed of the gates can be up to approx. 1.0 m/s, depending on the gate size and fitting variant. The closing speed is max. 0.30 m/s. An additional frequency converter ensures that the movement of the gate is gentle on the material.

Fitting & Redirection

Standard fitting "NP" for a lintel height from 380/470 mm. Further fitting types:

Low lintel fitting (LHR)
Lifting fitting (HL)
Vertical fitting (VL)
Roof follower fitting (FTR)

Guide Rails

The vertical guide rails of TP gates have an external profile seal up to the lintel. The guide rails of the SL gates have an inner and outer profile seal up to the lintel, all-round protection against tampering as well as an integrated carrier cable guide.

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