Bullet resistant DOORs

Sektionaltor SafeLine FB4 NS

With the "Sectional door SafeLine FB4 NS" there is now the possibility in our diverse product portfolio to purchase a security door with bullet-resistant properties according to DIN EN 1522 in the resistance class FB4 NS. The "NS" here stands for "non-splintering" and means that splintering is prevented from entering the interior of the building. In the test procedure, different calibres with different weapons were fired at the sectional door. The protection target set by FB4 NS, in which a handgun with calibre 44 Rem. Magnum calibre handgun from a distance of 5 metres. The "sectional door Safeline FB4 NS" can also be equipped with windows of the same resistance class on request. The use of a contact strip on the bottom door is also possible as an option. In order to offer our customers the highest possible protection, combinations with other resistance classes are already being tested. So interested parties can already look forward to a door with burglary protection and bullet resistance!
Resistance class FB4 NS
Tested according to DIN EN 1522
Optional with RC5 burglary protection