Sectional gate SunLine 44

Polycarbonat Sektionaltor


Polycarbonate gates are highly inherent stable and are ideal for large dimensions, the material is robust and flexible. gates up to 12 metre width are easily realisable.

The gate leaf consists of translucent polycarbonate sections with surrounding, thermally separated aluminium frame sections (44 mm thick door leaf). The high inherent stability of the section enables a flush design in wind load class 3 with a width of 12,000 mm (80 mm thick door leaf). Wind load class 4 was achieved in test at a width of 10,000 mm. The additional-leafed construction ensures good insulation values and low self-weight.

The low weight also brings advantages:  The drive technology can be designed in such way, that expensive drives for heavy weights are not necessary and no special requirements for the statics or the supporting structure must be made.

The construction is similar to the awarded hingeless sectional door. The castors are inserted in the front side of the sections and are not visible in mounted condition. The guide rails are completely closed and equipped with profile seal. The look is visually sophisticated and flush and also can be realised according the facade. A customised planning of the gates as well as an order-related production are the trademark of the company Jansen.

Wind load class 4 tested
Wicked door possibile
Good insulation
Shadow-free room illumination
Flexible design options

Product description

Gate leaf

Door leaf out of translucent polycarbonate sections with framed, thermally separated aluminium frame profiles. Multi-shell construction, which ensures very good insulation values and a light dead weight. Thickness of door leaf is 44 mm. Doors up to a maximum width of 6,000 mm can be executed with 40 mm thick door leaf. The castors are inserted in the front side of the sections and are not visible in mounted condition. The floor and lintel sealing consist of EPDM profiles with a lip seal.


Impact resistant, translucent, crystal-colored surface. Upper, lower and side frame profiles made of aluminium E6 / EV1 anodised. Frames can be painted in RAL to choice if so required.


Standard fitting for a lintel height of at least 470 mm. Further types of fittings such as high lift fittings, fittings for slanted roofs or vertical fittings are possible.

Guide rails

Vertical guide rails come with an inner and outer profile seal up to the lintel, a round anti-trap protection as well as an integrated track cable duct.


Manually via a hand chain or an electric drive. Individually adjusted springs above the lintel ensure a balanced running of the door. For large doors, doors with frequent cycles or higher speed an electric drive without spring compensation is advisable.

Technical details

  • Fire class of filling:
    B-s1, d0 according to EN 13501
  • Up-value of the filling:
    approx. 1,1 to 1,2 W/m²K
  • U-value of the door depends on door size:
    approx. 1,8 W/m²K
  • Transmission value of filling:
    56 %

approved according to DIN EN 13241-1.

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