Maintenance and service

The name Jansen does not only stand for innovative products and varied special solutions in the area of fire protection, but also offers their customers comprehensive and individual service – not only for their own door systems but also for those of other manufacturers. Our intensive on-site customer support is carried out by skilled professional personnel. Hereby we can guarantee the highest level of safety for your door systems.  


Apart from the delivery of door systems Jansen naturally also carries out the assembly and installation of the products. Due to our own skilled assembly operators Jansen guarantees a smooth implementation from the actual installation via the electronical installation up to the acceptance inspection. 

Inspection & Maintenance

All-around one-stop service means that Jansen not only takes care of the compulsory inspection for doorsystems (according to inspection regulations of the respective federal state and the rule of the professional association) but also offers additionally the maintenance of the door systems on request. Customers thus not only save money but also a considerable amount of time. The difference between maintenance and inspection is that for maintenance additional work routines according to the manufacturer’s guidelines are carried through for the preservation of performance properties. After completion of the respective maintenance or inspection the customer receives an inspection record in which all implemented work routines as well as possible faults are stated. For fire-protection closures with lock systems, the operator is obliged to periodical monitoring through qualified persons according to the guidelines for lock systems, published by the German Institute for Constructional Engineering in Berlin. Furthermore the performance of fire-protection door systems with lock systems has to be checked by the operator. 


In order to rectify any problems as quickly as possible the competent staff will be pleased to be of service to you any time. Just contact Jansen. They will help you quickly and without long waiting periods.