Sectional Door SAFELINE 60 (RC3)

Sectional Door SAFELINE 60 (RC3)


A unique combination of burglary and heat protection


Looking for a door that offers certified burglary protection while guaranteeing excellent thermal insulation? Our highly insulating SAFELINE 60 (RC3) Anti-Burglary Sectional Door has been specially developed for this purpose.

As the only door of its kind currently on the market, the SAFELINE 60 Sectional Door meets the maximum requirements of the latest ‘Buildings Energy Act Regulations’ in Germany, as well as boasting outstanding design diversity, application flexibility and affordability.


Certified RC3 burglary protection

The door’s RC3 resistance rating ensures that important business areas, computer systems or smaller bank branches are protected effectively against break-ins. The SAFELINE 60 (RC3) Anti-Burglary Sectional Door is tested and certified for a size of eight by eight metres.


Optimum thermal insulation thanks to ISO panels

The SAFELINE 60’s highly insulating ISO panels make it the only product on the market to offer an overall U value of approximately 0.97 W/m²K (4x4). To achieve the RC3 protection rating, the sections have a special sandwich construction.


New and exclusive: glazing section also possible with RC3

Alternatively, the door leaf can be fitted with one or more glazing sections. These are encased in a reinforced, insulated aluminium frame to ensure maximum thermal insulation with the certified level of burglary protection. Jansen’s new glass sections also offer greater design flexibility and let more daylight into your construction project. It is possible to have a full aluminium frame door with glazing or a solid infill.


Suitable for different construction situations

A variety of turns and furniture for the SAFELINE 60 Anti-Burglary Sectional Door guarantees flexibility when it comes to installation and operation in different construction situations, including headroom as low as 250 mm, vertical turns and installations with a sloping roof line.


If you have any questions or cannot find the right door for your area, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Resistance class RC3
Verified according to DIN T/S 18194:2020-07, RC3
Clear width up to 8.000 mm
Clear height up to 6.000 mm


Door Leaf

The door leaf is available in various models and can be supplied either as an ISO panel version with or without additional glazing options or as an aluminium frame section with glazing or a solid panel infill. Both the ISO panel and the aluminium frame sections have a thermally separated construction to ensure optimum heat protection. In the standard version, the ISO panel is microlined on the outside and smooth on the inside.


The surface of the ISO sections is coated in RAL 9002 as standard. The aluminium frame sections are anodised in E6/C0(EV1) as standard. The ISO and aluminium frame sections can be painted in RAL colour of choice on request.

Locking system

The door system has locking on both sides on the floor section to guarantee anti-burglary protection. It can be fitted with either a manual slide bolt or electric locking mechanism. As an option, these locking mechanisms can also be connected to the burglar alarm by means of VDS-C contacts.


We offer various turn options:

·       Standard turn for a minimum headroom of 450 mm

·       Low headroom turn for a minimum headroom of 250 mm

·       High lift and/or higher travel turn

·       Roof line fitting for a turn tailored to the roof pitch


U value (heat protection) dependent on door size:

·       approx. 0.97 W/m²K for a 4x4 door in ISO panel version

·       approx. 1.17 W/m²K for a 4x4 door in ISO panel version with a glazing section

·       approx. 1.39 W/m²K for a 4x4 door in ISO panel version with two glazing sections

Resistance class RC3

With a door in this resistance class, a perpetrator proceeding in their usual manner will not be able to break the locked door open with a medium duty hand tool and a crowbar. That is in a dynamic resistance time of five minutes per attack point and with a static load of up to 600 kg.

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