Industrial & Acoustic doors

Soundproofing sliding door (45 dB)

  • Soundproofing verified according to DIN EN ISO 140-3.
  • Execution with 1- or 2-leaves possible.

Door Leaf:

The door leaf consists of several 300 - 1100 mm wide elements (depending on the door width). The separate elements are joined to a sturdy door leaf through a special linking system. The thickness of the door leaf is only 63 mm. The surface consists of zinc-coated 1,5 mm thick steel sheets. The running-in profile and the labyrinth profile are zinc-coated. Soundproofing sliding door certified according to DIN EN ISO 140-3. This door reaches a soundproofing value of 45 dB (Rw,P). Higher soundproofing requirements and special equipment are available on request.

Guide Rail:

Each door element is guided in ball bearing mounted castors. The cold-milled, zinc-coated C-profiles are mounted to the ceiling by means of brackets. The guide rail casings are zinc-coated.

Floor Guidance:

The floor guidance is located laterally of the clear width.


As fittings a C-shaped handle is used on the opposing wall, a shellshaped handle on the wallside. The opening of the door is limited by end position dampeners which are mounted on consoles. The door closes automatically due to closing weights, while a constant closing speed is ensured by a hydraulic closing speed control. As a standard feature a free-run device enables the door to be handled easily under normal application conditions. An electric drive with dead-man's control or pulse contact control is possible.

Supplementary Equipment:

Surface coating:
colouring according to RAL, DB or NCS

Hatch or emergency EXIT door

Round and square glazing

Electrical options:
Impulse control, time closing, battery buffering

Control elements:
Key switch, pull switch, IR-/radar motion sensor, radio, induction loop, under-glass release button

Safety equipment:
Flash light, light barrier, low

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