Industrial & Acoustic doors

Soundproofing roller door 51-54 dB

  • High-quality soundproofing roller doors up to 51 dB or up to 54 dB.
  • Extremely sturdy door leaf with a high level of inherent stability.

Roller door 51 dB:

Jansen's soundproofing roller door is certified according to DIN EN ISO 140-3 by the MPA Braunschweig. To achieve higher soundproofing values two roller doors, one at each side of the fall, are installed. The distance between is at least 260 mm. This double-door-solution reaches a soundproofing value of Rw,p = 51 dB.

Roller door 54 dB:

To achieve soundproofing values of Rw,p = 54 dB the door leafs are additionally covered with an acoustic hood.

Both roller door solutions are available up to a height of 4.000 mm.

Door leaf:

The door leafs consist of 114 mm high aluminium hollow section profiles with soundproofed filling. The separate slats are joined to a shell via a turnable connection system. The thickness of the elements is 26 mm.

Guide rails:

The guide rails consist of zinc-coated sheet steel in a screwed construction.


Plug-on drive with built-in retainer or sprocket drive with separate retainer. In case of a power failure the door can be operated via an emergency crank. Opening and closing speed: approx. 0.11 m/s. Maintenance-free drive unit.


Control voltage 24 V, push button “Open-Stop-Close” on switch box, 16-A-CEE-plug for connection to on site socket on operating level.

  • Soundproofing 51 dB
  • Soundproofing 54 dB

Soundproofing roller door
Soundproofing roller door

Supplementary Equipment:

  • Surface coating: Colouring according to RAL, DB, NCS
  • Control elements: Automatic control, impulse transmitter, radio control, key-operated switch, push button, pull switch, IR-/radar motion sensor, induction loop
  • Safety equipment: Omnidirectional and flash light, light barrier
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