Fire protection doors

Fast mode sliding door EI2 30 and EI2 90

  • Maximum door size: 16 m².
  • Maximum speed: 0,8 m/s.

Door Leaf:

The separate sections are joined to a door leaf on site through a special linking system. The thickness of the door leaf is 62 mm. The surface is completely level and consists of zinc-coated 0.75 mm thick steel sheets. 


The drive-unit of massive steel constructions is equipped with large, ball bearing mounted castors and adjustable holding rolls made from polyamide. The door leaf suspension brackets are height adjustable.  

Guide Rail:

The guide rail consists of a massive, extruded aluminium profile and having a self-cleaning modeling of the running surface. The guide rail is reinforced with a steel pipe (primed over the whole surface) to reach the correct position to the door leaf.

Floor Guidance:

The floor guidance is mounted laterally of the opening with an adjustable flat-plate guide roller. The door leaf runs without a barrier over the entire movement range. Soil air is 14 mm.


As fittings a shell-shaped handle is used on the inside and outside of the door.

Inlet Profile:

The inlet profile consists of zinc-coated steel sheets. It will be fixed directly on the wall through the profile. Additional fastening as locking device on the floor. Fixed permanently with horizontal guide rail at the top. Conducting of the incoming door leaf with a slide in the lower part of the door.


The drive with integrated control is suspended above the door at the component support profile and cased with a guide rail cover. The drive will be delivered as a complete, electromechanic drive unit. Connection to 1 x 230 V / 50 Hz. Non-wearing asynchronous motor controlled via an electronic frequency converter. The movement of the door leaf will be held via an endless, redirected high-performance timing belt. The covering of the guide rail with side walls covers the entire driving mechanics over the whole door width (including the open position of the door). For service work the cover can be removed in a few simple steps.

Control Panel:

Control panel with LEDs (protection IP 65) for different operations and a simple programming by the customer is supplied as standard. 

Click here for the Orpheus slide door product page with all technical information.

  • EI2 30
  • EI2 90
Fast mode sliding door
Fast mode sliding door
Fast mode sliding door
Fast mode sliding door
Fast mode sliding door
Fast mode sliding door

Product information & technical details:


    The door closes automatically due to closing weights, while a constant speed is ensured by a hydraulic closing speed control. As a standard feature a free-run device enables a silent running of the door under normal application conditions.


    The microprocessor control is completely installed in the drive and fully wired. The control is programmable and can be adjusted for object-related controls / operations. The drive is without end switch, that means the control searches automatically two end positions after every restart. A radar detector ensured the movements of the door. A specially coordinated control system (lock system) which has been approved by a building control is employed.

    Supplementary equipment:

    Surface coating:
    Primer, Colouring according to RAL, DB or NCS

    Postern door 1000 x 2000 mm WxH

    Round and square glazing

    Electrical options:
    I/O module (additional input / output signal)

    Control elements:

    Door control with radio system

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