Rolling grills


- Stainless steel rolling grilles for highest demands.

- Ideal for use in shopping arcades.

- Suitable for use in underground car park entrances.

- Sophisticated design.

Smooth running
Long lifetime
Made to measure
Attractive design

Product description

Rolling grill shell

The stainless steel rolling grill shell consists of sturdy, moveably mounted vertical links, into which horizontal rods are inserted. The thickness of the leaf is 20 mm. The separate vertical links are joined to a door leaf via a turnable connection system.

Winding shaft

The winding shaft consist of a primed steel pipe.

Guide rails

Sturdy guide rails out of aluminium (raw) ensure through a special infeed an evenly low-noise running. The constructional version of the guide rails depends on the size of the grill.


Plug-on drive with built-in retainer guarantee the highest level of safety. The advantages of this type of drive are the compact construction, the low-noise running and the maintenance-friendliness. In case of a power failure the door can be operated by hand via an emergency crank. In case of small lateral space a chain wheel drive with a separate retainer can be implemented alternatively. High-quality bearings ensure the long lifespan and low maintenance effort of the door system.


Control voltage 24 V, push button “Open-Stop-Close” on switch box, 16-A-CEE-plug for connection to on site socket on operating level. Double safety measures against retraction into the lintel area through light barriers.

Supplementary equipment

Control Elements:
Push button, key switch, pull switch, code switch, radar detector, radio control (radio receiver and hand-held transmitter), induction loop

Safety Equipment:
Light barrier
Flash light and/or omnidirectional light

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