anti-burglary protection roller door

Roller Door SAFELINE 24 RC3

Are you looking for effective protection against intrusion and burglary without breaking the bank? The Safeline 24 (RC3) anti-burglary protection roller door offers proven protection to the current DIN/TS standard for sensitive business areas, IT systems or secure buildings for military, police or banking uses. The door has been designed for both internal and external use. With sizes up to 7 x 6 metres, the SAFELINE 24 anti-burglary protection roller door is the largest RC3 roller door on the market. It requires only a limited depth, simplifying installation and operation. A permissible wind load of class 4 or higher also makes the door suitable for locations with particularly high wind loading.


The door leaf is made from double-walled aluminium slats with a multi-layer ISO core. The anti-burglary protection guide rail is enclosed on three sides, providing all round protection. This means that your business area is effectively protected from break-ins by an intruder-proof roller door curtain. 


The Safeline 24 (RC3) anti-burglary protection roller door can be fitted with a range of optional extras on request.


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Verified according to DIN T/S 18194:2020-07, RC3
Resistance class RC3
Clear width up to 7.000 mm
Clear height up to 6.000 mm



The door leaf consists of double-walled aluminium slats filled with polystyrene as standard. The slats are also available in mild or stainless steel and can also be filled with mineral wool. 


Security and perfect closure are provided by the anti-burglary protection guiding rail with lip seal, enclosed on three sides to prevent interference.


A choice of designs is available. Aluminium slats can be left with a natural finish, anodised, or given a RAL coating of your choice. Steel slats can be galvanised, stainless or given a RAL coating of your choice. They can also be produced in seawater-resistant materials for use in coastal areas.


The Safeline 24 (RC3) anti-burglary protection roller door uses a high-quality electric motor on a direct shaft drive. The door can optionally be fitted with an integrated frequency converter for soft start and soft stop to ensure gentle operation and extend the life of the door.


As standard, the door is locked manually with a latch lock on each side. Optionally, the Safeline 24 (RC3) anti-burglary protection roller door is available with the SAFELOCK 2 electromechanical locking system, which automatically activates the bolt before and after each travel. These can be linked to the on-site intruder alarm system via feedback contacts or a VdS Class C approved connection. 

Sound insulation

The Safeline 24 anti-burglary protection roller door also offers a combination of burglary protection and sound insulation. Sound insulation options with Rw' = 32, 37 and 51 dB are available. 

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