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Conveying-system closures


Due to building regulations, walls or ceilings which serve as partitions within buildings in the terms of fi re protection may not contain apertures. Exceptions are permitted if so called for by the use of the building. When conveyor technology is implemented we offer connected and unconnected conveying-system closures.

If conveyors penetrate building closures which consist of fire-resistant and smoke proof walls and ceilings due to the concept of fire protection, the resulting apertures have to be shut in case of fire or fault with a conveying-system closure.

Because of the high requirements of this double function a conveying-system closure differs significantly from a regular fire protection door and therefore is also verified according to special guidelines.

  • EI 90
  • Successful construction principle
  • Long life span
  • Permanent monitoring of function
  • Low maintenance costs

Product description


The frame consists of steel profiles which are connected to the body of the building by means of approved types of fixtures.

Lock element / sliding blade

The lock element is integrated in the steel frame and is free to move. The guiding takes place via low-maintenance sliding blocks or also, related to design, via roller guides or guide rails with ball bearing mounted rollers. The lock element is enclosed by a T-section frame and consists of several layers of calcium silicate fire protection panels of various density. The front and back of the lock element is protected by an additional covering with sheet steel. Re-opening of the lock element takes place either manually (handle or line pull) or motor driven.

Closing means and balance weights

Closures shutting from bottom to top are equipped with a closure weight. Horizontally shutting wall and ceiling closures shut via closure weights, spring cable reels or door closers. Closures shutting from top to bottom operate using their own weight. Depending on the dimensions of the closure, a weight counterbalance can be allowed for.

Sealing system

In the area of overlap (wall/ceiling) the lock element is equipped with a hard-wearing and age-resistant sealing system. The sealing system develops its full protective function under the application of heat.


All conveying-system closures are equipped with an approved locking device and limit switches for the safety interlock with the conveyor. The closing speed can be adjusted within certain limits.

Approved / verified according to

EI90 according to EN 1366-7

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Technical details


  • NCS
  • DB
  • RAL


  • diverse Schließbereichsüberwachungen

Fire resistance duration

  • EI2 30
  • EI2 60
  • EI2 90

Self-closing feature

  • C0 (0 Zyklen)
  • C1 (500 Zyklen)
  • C2 (10.000 Zyklen)
  • C3 (50.000 Zyklen)
  • C4 (100.000 Zyklen)
  • C5 (200.000 Zyklen)


  • Blitzleuchte
  • Light barrier
  • Akustischer Signalgeber

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