Fire protection doors


Equipping a tunnel-like delivery lane with T120 fire barriers.

To design a tunnel-like delivery lane with fire barriers under an emerging urban district of a metropolis is an outstanding challenge. At this project twelve major chambers were shut through specially designed and tested T-120 stacking doors with dimensions from 4000 × 4500 mm up to 12000 x 4500 mm.


T120 fire shutters are required by federal state building order due to fire behavior in tunnels. As there is no possibility to dissipate heat in case of fire, another temperature curve must be assumed. The tunnel temperature curve is characterized by a rapid warming phase, within five minutes 1200° C can be archived.


The contract occurred in December 2012, the inspection in March 2013, the application for individual approval (incl. all test reports) in July 2013. Obtaining individual approval occurred already in November 2013.


In such cases the door producer’s scope of work includes obtaining expert’s opinion, preparing the individual approval documents, submitting the application and the documents at the highest construction supervisory authority and paying all incurring fees. An individual approval is granted by the highest construction supervisory authority of the respective federal state.


Click here for the stacking door product page with all technical information.

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