Schallschutz Sektionaltor


The Jansen sound insulation sectional door double door solution is tested according to DIN EN ISO 10140-2 and achieves a sound insulation value of Rw,p = 48 dB. To achieve this sound insulation value, two sectional gates are installed one behind the other.

The sectional gates can be supplied up to a width of 5,000 mm. Larger dimensions and different installation situations are possible on request.

48 dB
Tested according to DIN EN ISO 10140-2
High quality processing
Suitable for outdoor use

Product description

Gate leaf

The gate leaves consist of an aluminium frame rung construction with sound insulation filling. The door leaf thickness per gate leaf is 40 mm. The gate leaves are designed without attached side hinges, floor or top roller holders.

Guide rail

The vertical guide rail consists of a cold-rolled, galvanised C-profile with lip seals on both sides and "side entry protection".


The surface is E6/EV1 anodized. The filling is optionally made of stucco-embossed or smooth aluminium sheet and can be coated as desired.


Standard fitting for one-sided installation for a lintel height of at least 2,000 mm, depending on the gate size.

Standard fitting for installation on both sides for a lintel height of 1,000 mm, depending on the gate size.

Other fitting types such as lifting fitting, roof follower fitting or as vertical runner possible.

Drive & Control

Manually via a reel chain or with electric drive. Individually adapted springs above the lintel guarantee a balanced gate travel. For larger gates or for gates with frequent cycles, an electric drive without spring compensation is recommended. This advantageous drive technology is very easy to maintain and guarantees a long service life.

Schallschutz Sektionaltor
Schallschutz Sektionaltor
Schallschutz Sektionaltor
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