Telescopic sliding gate: New sealing system revolutionises smoke protection safety

In this way, the required smoke protection safety will be guaranteed in the future and at the same time the application possibilities of this gate type will be enormously expanded. The single-leaf, two-part telescopic sliding gate is ideal for closing large openings with little space in the storage area - this can even be halved due to the telescoping capability. Last but not least, this gate system can be installed with a low lintel height and even with a non-existent lintel. This has resulted in a product innovation that did not exist in this form before - neither according to the outdated DIN 4102-5, but especially not after the introduction of DIN EN 16034, which more than halved the leakage to 20 m3/h for single-leaf and 30 m3/h for double-leaf closures and made a smoke-tight design of telescopic sliding gates almost impossible. With the help of the sealing system made of hard plastic, which is unique on the market up to now and which is used circumferentially for each partial leaf and closes off to the wall as well as to the gate, it is possible to close the telescopic joint completely and thus achieve the more difficult classification according to EN 13501-2 in the smoke-tight/S200 version. The gate system can be manufactured with a maximum dimension of 24 m2 and is even available without a disturbing entry profile. 

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