Wood-Life-Balance: We donate a tree for every employee

Get to the spades, get set, plant

That was the motto of the campaign in which we planted lots of trees for our employees in the immediate vicinity of our company premises in Surwold in April. Each employee's child also received a sponsorship for his or her own tree. Numerous helpers took up the shovel themselves during the planting campaign.

We want to take responsibility and make our contribution to climate protection. With every tree planted, we ensure that the concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere decreases, because a tree filters and binds the CO2 that is harmful to the climate at high concentrations and releases oxygen, which humans and animals need to survive. Of course, we will cherish each of our trees and care for them so that they will grow as old as possible.

And we haven't done enough by a long shot:

Our forest will continue to grow. From now on, there will be a planting campaign once a year, during which we will give away tree sponsorships for new employees and further offspring. We are already proud of our trees and are happy about every tree that will ensure that we can continue to improve our ecological footprint in the future.

Yours Alexander Jansen