Industrial & Acoustic doors

Hingeless sectional door ProLux

  • Hingeless sectional door Pro Lux for an especially high incidence of light.
  • Glazing without bars for up to 4 metres door width.
  • Individually equipped to choice and requirements with fibre glass, sheet glass, acrylic or polycarbonate.

Door Leaf:

The hingeless door leaf consists of an aluminium bar construction. As standard the floor section is closed. The aluminium frame sections can be individually fashioned, e. g. without vertical bars, with insulation glazing out of clear sheet plastic. Starting at a door width of 4000 mm a division of the glazing with at least one vertical bar becomes necessary.

The extraordinary feature of the hingeless sectional door is the completely flush door leaf on the in- and outside, since no fittings are necessary for the connection of the sections with each other. There are no fitted lateral hinges, middle hinges, floor or toproll brackets on the door leaf. Only at a width exceeding 3100 mm small load-relieving bands are mounted on the inside of the door leaf in order to maintain the distance between the sections during redirection.

The castors are inserted in the front side of the sections and are not visible in mounted condition.

The advantage of this innovative construction is the invisible rotatable butt straps which are responsible for the linking of the sections. The upper and lower profiles of the sections, which consist of aluminium, are designed as to intertwine, thus ensuring a high stability of the door leaf. The floor and lintel sealing consist of EPDM profiles with a lip seal.


The hingeless sectional door additionally can be fitted with a postern door. Upon request the postern door can be fitted with a low threshold of appr. 27 mm. The configuration of the door can take place individually.

The door leaf is executed with fitted hinges for integrated postern doors. The postern door is executed including door closer and door handles.

Furthermore we manufacture side doors and fixed fields, available in the same designs as the door leaf.


Floor section in RAL 9002 or RAL 9006. The upper and lower end profile of the panel sections consists of aluminium, finish sheer aluminium. The glazed sections are E6/EV1 anodised. The door leaf can be painted in RAL to choice if so required.


Standard fittings for a lintel height of at least 470 mm. Further types of fittings such as low-lintel redirection 350 mm, high lift fitting > 470 mm, fittings for slanted roofs or vertical fittings are possible.

Guide Rails:

The vertical guide rails come with an inner and outer profile seal up to the lintel, a round anti-trap protection as well as an integrated track cable duct.


Manually via a hand chain or an electric drive. Individually adjusted springs above the lintel ensure a balanced running of the door.

For large doors, doors with frequent cycles or higher speed an electric drive without spring compensation is advisable. This advantageous drive technology is very maintenance-friendly and ensures a long lifespan.

Hinge less sectional door ProLux
Hinge less sectional door ProLux
Hinge less sectional door ProLux
Hinge less sectional door ProLux
Hinge less sectional door ProLux
Hinge less sectional door ProLux
Hinge less sectional door ProLux
  • Hingeless sectional door

Supplementary Equipment:

  • Frame bar sections with different fillings (punched plate, sheet aluminium, wave grid)
  • Light sections as aluminium frame sections (up to 4000 mm possible without vertical bars)
  • Incised ventilation slits in panel sections
  • Body soundproofing of the guide rails
  • Safety features (light barrier, flash light and/or omnidirectional light)
  • Impulse transmitter (push button, key switch, pull switch, code switch, radar detector)
  • Radio control
  • Light barrier
  • Induction loop
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