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Hingeless sectional door "Pro Lux"   Mainwastewater treatment Suttgart Mühlhausen
Hingeless sectional door "Pro Lux"   Mainwastewater treatment Suttgart Mühlhausen

Sectional doors and facade elements for the main wastewater treatment plant in Stuttgart-Mühlhausen

The main wastewater treatment plant in Stuttgart-Mühlhausen is the biggest wastewater treatment plant in Baden-Württemberg. More than 220.000 cubic meter wastewater are cleaned on a 25 hectare premises every day. The machines can handle a wastewater quantity of up to 7,5 cubic meters per second.

They built a second sewage sludge station for the production of sewage sludge in order to increase the capacities of the wastewater treatment plant. Trucks can enter the new hall and tilt the sewage sludge into the concrete bunker. Using solid pumping the sewage sludge is pumped into a combustor.

Sectional doors were mounted for the entrance and exit of the trucks on both fronts. The door openings on the east side (4000 mm x 4800 mm (w x h)) and on the west side (3500 mm x 10200 mm) are equipped with hingeless sectional doors type “Pro Lux”. Fixed fields of the same design were installed above the door opening, to create a continuous visual appearance. The facade division was adopted for the doors.

The hingeless door leaf is made of aluminium-frame-sections with translucent and robust polycarbonate twin wall sheets. The sections run continuously across the entire width und do not have any vertical frames. The special feature of the hingeless sectional doors is the flush door leaf on the outside and the inside, because fitting parts for the connection of the sections are not necessary, as well as the optimal light incidence. The fast mode drive enables a quick opening speed of the doors of min. 0,3 meters per second.  

Sectional doors for the hazardous areas Zone 1 and 2
Sectional doors for the hazardous areas Zone 1 and 2
Sectional doors for the hazardous areas Zone 1 and 2
Sectional doors for the hazardous areas Zone 1 and 2

Soundproofing-sectional-doors for hazardous areas of gas storage

The demand for natural gas is steadily increasing. Additional natural gas storage reservoirs are required in Germany to ensure the supply of natural gas in the future. That’s why Germany’s second largest natural gas storage was built in Jemgum.

Natural gas storages help to compensate variations in energy consumption and mitigate fluctuations in the generation of wind- and solar energy. Jemgum was chosen as the location because the area has underground salt domes. These are huge cavities with tightly sealed walls which are thus ideally suited for gas storage reservoirs.

The salt domes can save up to one billion cubic meters of natural gas. This enables more than 500,000 households a year with natural gas. For the compressor hall Jansen Tore supplied three ATEX- sectional doors with soundproofing. The doors have a size of 5,578 x 4,386 mm (WxH) and consist of eight sections. The doors correspond to the device category 2G and can be used in accordance with explosion protection directive ” 94/9/EG” for the hazardous areas Zone 1 and 2. The special feature of these doors is that they have not only the explosion protection attribute, but also requirements regarding sound insulation. All sections are equipped with a special sound insulation filling so that a sound insulation value is provided by 33 dB. The door panels are made of an 80mm thick aluminum frame rung construction with sound insulation filling and were coated, on customer request, with a particular color pattern.

Furthermore, another ATEX-soundproofing-sectional door was installed in the office building. The door has a size of 3,030 x 3,143 mm (WxH) and consists of 5 sections. For this door a sound insulation value of 27 dB was required. All gates have vertical guide rails with an inner and outer door seal, and an integrated supporting cable guide. Moreover, a finger guards is guaranteed.

The soundproofing-gate Portfolio of Jansen Tore ranges from sectional doors to rolling doors to sliding doors with a sound insulation value up to 54 dB. The ATEX-program was introduced by Jansen Tore. Available are sectional, rolling and sliding doors in ATEX version.

The gates goes through the conformity assessment procedure according to EG directive 94/9/EG and are available for areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere from gases, Zone 1 and 2, as well as an explosive atmosphere of dust, Zone 21 and 22 is expected.  

Sectional doors "TP Lux" and "ProLux"
Sectional doors "TP Lux" and "ProLux"

Large doors for the Freiburger transport services

Not only 61 trams and 62 buses are part of the fleet of Freiburg transport services, but also 37 gondolas for a cableway. The transport services report an increasing number of passengers. In 2012 790 employees transported more than 76 million people through the Freiburg transport network.

For the construction of the parking hall Jansen Tore delivered three sectional doors in different sizes. They installed a ProLux Sectional with a size of 4.932 x 5.057 mm (WxH), a TPLux sectional door with a size of 7.410 x 5.295 mm and a TPLux sectional door with a size of 10.740 x 5.295 mm.

The gates were opened and closed for the passage of trains several times a day. Three trams can pass through the nearly 11 meters wide gate at the same time and two trams can go through the middle sectional door. A big challenge was the construction of the gates due to the minimal space. Because of the absence of side square the usual folding doors could not be used. For this reason sectional doors were used. They require only a little side square so that they fit perfectly to the given situation. The doors were painted on both sides in RAL 3003 (Ruby Red) and were performed with 3 glazing sections. The lifting speed of these gates is about 0.30 m/s. In addition to that, the gates are featured with automatic control, safety contact strip, induction loops and light barrier, as well as an extra signaling module for a central state query. According to EN 13241-1 the gates have the water-tightness class 2 and the wind load class 2. 

Sound proofing sectional door
Sound proofing sectional door
Sound proofing sectional door

Lining of a power testing station for field chopper with 620 square metres acoustic panels and two soundproofing sectional doors

The company Jansen Systembau implemented an acoustic liner into a power testing station for the exact-field-choppers BiG X of the company Krone. At the moment, the BiG X is the World’s most powerful chopper. Krone offers the BiG X in different power classes from 500 to 1000 hp.

To achieve room acoustic conditions, the reflections in the test station should be minimised. This enables the possibility to locate the potential noise and detect causes of noise emissions of the vehicle. To avoid potential flutter echoes, walls and ceiling are lined with highly absorbent materials.

The field choppers are tested without associated engine sound insulation to execute a further visual inspection after testing the field chopper. In advance, the sound power level with ~ 100 dB (A) of the field chopper without associated engine sound insulation was determined by an engineering office. This value served for dimensioning of the required noise protection measures. The test stand consists of smooth, acoustically concrete walls. With the executed sound absorption measures, an average sound protection absorption coefficient of alpha > 0,5 should be achieved. The measures reduce also the level inside the room as well as the sound transmission in adjacent offices.

In order to achieve optimal acoustic conditions, more than 600 square metres acoustic panels were installed with an absorbent surface on both sides. Up to 10 metre long elements were mounted with distance to concrete wall, to achieve a better absorption of a low-frequency area. Additionally, the acoustic elements are decoupled fixed to the structure. The insulation core of the soundproofing panels is made out of incombustible mineral-wool.

Two Jansen soundproofing doors were installed for entrance and exit of the test room. The doors are tested according to DIN EN ISO 140-3 and achieve a soundproofing value of 41 dB Rw,p. The thickness of the door leaf is 80 mm. With a dimension of 5.000 x 5.000 mm, the sectional doors consist of a frame construction with sound insulation filling. On request, the doors were lacquered in RAL colour 9002. The vertical guide rails of the soundproofing doors are equipped with an inner and outer profile seal, an anti-trap protection and an integrated track cable duct. The doors are driven by a high-quality, spring-less shaft drive. The lifting speed is about 0,20 m/s. Furthermore, the doors were equipped with automatic control, safety contact strip and light barrier, as well as an extra signaling module for a central state query.

The first acoustic measurement was carried out by a planning office under full load after completion of the work. All the requested values were affirmed.

Next to soundproofing products, Jansen Systembau integrated fire-protection products. The further scope of delivery included a smoke protection apron with a clear width of 27.000 mm and a height of 1.500 mm as well as a two-leaf fire-protection sliding door ORPHEUS according to fire-protection requirement T90 with the dimension of 5.000 x 5.000 mm.

Fibre glass door Sunline 40
Fibre glass door Sunline 40
Fibre glass door Sunline 40

New fiberglass doors for the construction casing of the DMT

You can smell smoke at the entrance and a few yards ahead doors open and close in a continued rhythm. The halls of the DMT are used for fire protection product tests. The DMT testing laboratory is a certificated and accredited fire protection testing center. Often you get important perceptions just by fire test in original scale that were unascertainable through theoretical examination.

With the use of fiber glass bright light flooded areas occurred in the new building in Lathen. The Fiber glass elements archive a light transmission up to 80%. Hard shadows and dazzle effects were avoid through diffuse light control. Furthermore the building doesn’t heat unpleasantly any more as glass fronts do; instead a comfy atmospheric environment is created through balanced temperatures and heat transfer coefficient.

Installed were seven 4000 x 4000 mm (wxh) Fiber glass doors, one 4000 x 5500 mm (wxh) door as well as posterns and furthermore door systems with and without fire protection requirements. The fiber glass elements consists of 40 mm circulate anodized aluminum profiles with turquois fillings.

Fiber glass doors ideally suits for large dimensions due to the extreme auto stability. The material is similarly sturdy as flexible. Door systems with a width up to 12 meters are no problem. Due to the sections extreme auto stability a flush with the adjacent areas realization in wind load class 3 at a width of 12,000 mm is possible. Wind load class 4 was archived at a door width of 10,000 mm. The 80 mm fiber glass door SunLine can smoothly realize wind load class 5. Also the low weight of 17 kg/m² brings advantages: the gear technics is configurable so that expensive gears for low weights dispend and no specific requirements to statics or the area of support are needed.

The doors composition is similar to the awarded hinge less sectional door. Rollers were placed frontal in the section so that they are not visible in mounted condition. Guardrails are closed all around and sealed. There are no hinges or dimple profiles on the door leaf. A optical ambitious and flush with the adjacent areas optical characteristics occurs that could be realized like the front. Horizontal and vertical face types in turquois and crystal are possible. An individual door design and order related single part manufacturing is the trademark of Jansen Tore.  

Heat protected lifting doors for a machine enclosure
Heat protected lifting doors for a machine enclosure

Manufacture of a production line with drying oven and fireproof doors for panels

Jansen Maritim manufactured a housing for a drying oven with a positing system. The drying ovens dimensions are 14m x 2,5m (wxh). Transportation of the panels occurs due to up- and downstream guide rails. The speed of the path is 0,4 meter/min. First the panels were set in a profile and glued. Afterwards they were brought in the drying oven. An even high temperature is necessary to harden these special panels. The whole process from running in the panels at the lock till moving out the harden panels takes 30 minutes. Until then panels are ready for further processing. The whole construction is centralized controlled. Staff realizes a complete production process due to audible visual signals.

Four fireproof Jansen lifting doors were placed at the in- and outward transfer as well as in the housing. Due to the lock the heat stays in the oven. The doors dimensions are 2,400 x 1,000 mm with a thickness of 62 mm. The surface of 0,75 mm galvanized steel panels is completely plane. Steel panels and special fillings are full faced glued. Guardrails and labyrinth profile are galvanized.

Jansen Tore has already equipped other drying ovens with fireproof doors, for example in Switzerland and Poland. In this case a temperature of 135°C expose the doors, so high demands to shored parts were made. The temperature outside the oven should maximally be 10°C above the ambient temperature. Thermal bridges were to avoid and hot spots were maximal 45°C. Following other requirements were confirmed by our customer: insulated wall thickness: 150 mm, filling: rock wool, noncombustible, sheet thickness: min 0,6mm, impervious material: silicon free, heat and chemical resistant, galvanized: inside and outside. The doors should be open able from the inside and outside. To archive a high density an excellent and accurate construction was generated.  

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