Fire protection doors

Conveying-system closures

Jansen conveying-system closures

  • are employed according to the successful construction principle of open all-steel structure.
  • convince by their long life span, permanent monitoring of function of the components and by low maintenance costs.

Due to building regulations, walls or ceilings which serve as partitions within buildings in the terms of fi re protection may not contain apertures. Exceptions are permitted if so called for by the use of the building. When conveyor technology is implemented we offer connected and unconnected conveying-system closures.

If conveyors penetrate building closures which consist of fire-resistant and smoke proof walls and ceilings due to the concept of fire protection, the resulting apertures have to be shut in case of fire or fault with a conveying-system closure.

Because of the high requirements of this double function a conveying-system closure differs significantly from a regular fire protection door and therefore is also verified according to special guidelines.

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